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Eating Out On A Diet – It is Possible!

Eating Out On A Diet – It is Possible!


One huge question I get from clients when creating their meal plans is “Can I still eat out?” Of course you can! But it will take some discipline!

The truth is, the ‘best’ diet or workout isn’t always the one that’s the most precise or scientific. If you don’t understand the psychology and emotion related to eating then you’re missing the most important part. I believe that the best Diet/Workout plan is one that allows you be make consistent progress BUT don’t feel overly restricted. Even slow progress is STILL progress!

Going out to eat is inevitable; we all have events or birthday parties to go to that almost always revolve around food; so let’s learn how to navigate a restaurant menu!

Check the menu before hand – Most restaurants now have their menus published on their websites so it makes it easy to plan out your meal in advanced. This prevents you from showing up “blind” and not know what they had to offer.

Skip the Appetizers – Yes, that means the chips and queso! An endless bowl of tortilla chips is always a bad idea, because many times they come around a refill it! So by the time your dinner arrives you have already eaten ….who knows how many calories! If we are staying on track then ordering endless bowls of food is not the BEST option.

Just Say No to Fried Food – Fried food is always the worst option. Deep fried foods absorb the fat in the oils. These are significant calorie dense foods that are unhealthy and eating them regularly could lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, or even High cholesterol. Stick to grilled, broiled, or baked items.

Enjoy yourself! – Yes it may be stressful at first, but you’ll get used to it. Even if someone else orders that plate of fried calamari to share, doesn’t mean that you have to participate! Stick your plan and stay on track!

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